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Green safe juicer without electricity for children

Green safe juicer without electricity for children

Brand Name : Yunlong
Model Number : YL-GI-01
Place of Origin : China
MOQ : 50
Payment Terms : T/T,
Supply Ability : 10000/month
Packaging Details : carton
material : plastic
color : green
key words : juicer
advantage : competition
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  1. Litchi cannt do ice cream, sugar cane cannt to be juice. Ice (including drinks, sugar) cannt do ice cream. Avoid direct squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Carrot juice must to be cut into thin strips. Apple is also will be easy to cut!
  3. Grape seed is very hard, will make wear of screw and skull! Wear will not be a serious impact on the use of the product, but if you are very concerned about, you can avoid pressing grape juice!
  4. Regard some of the tough, hard ingredients, please refer your agent before use it, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
  5. Put the food material in the barrel and pressed by the push rod to prevent the screw being rotated with the finger. Especially several children operation together, need one parent assist there.
  6. Machine uses the original plastic and withstand the highest temperature is 80 degrees, in infants and young children to do the cooking can be hot with hot water, never in boiling water at high temperatures for long periods of time or disinfector in disinfection, so as to avoid deformation.
  7. Carrots will cause pigmentation, can wipe with edible oil or lemon juice, orange peel oil etc.

Fruits are divided into two types:

A high viscosity less moisture, we can be used to make ice cream fruit such as banana, mango, kiwi, dragon fruit, peach, strawberry, durian).

Litchi can't make ice cream

Another kind of moisture can be fruit juice, such as (raisins, apple apple powder without juice cannt to be squeezed juice, pomegranate, orange, pineapple, and vegetable corn, carrots, celery, ginger, etc.).

Soft fruit can also be mixed with hard fruits together to be juice, such as the kiwi need to be out as pear push it, mix fruit taste good nutrition.

Sugar cane cannt be used for juice.

Grape seed is very hard, it is better to remove the seeds when make it into juice, otherwise it will wear spiral rods.

Of course, there are several kinds of fruit juice and ice cream can be used, such as (melon, pear, watermelon and other such).

When make ice cream, fruit cut into piece and frozen 12 hours. Temperature at -18 degrees. Take out 5 ~ 10 minutes to thaw out and shake it out will be ok. thaw not too long (to try a few times to know) Note: the fruit must choose ripe sweet, a little sour fruit will be more acid after frozen.


1. Why does juice flow down the fuselage?

Because the barrel is not assembled in place, the juice mouth did not appear to lead to;

2. Why not come out of juice, are stuck inside?

Because in the operation of the time did not press the clockwise direction, but shake the juice mouth was blocked by the fruit slag. At this point need to be removed, cleaned, re assembled, according to a clockwise direction can avoid this problem;

3. Has just begun fruit slag why didn't come out, why juice first out?

Because the shake of the fruit is not enough, will first come out the juice! Keep shaking, the slag will come out;

4. the sound is very loud when shake the apple?

Why Apple shake a voice? You will recall that he is not a crisp voice in the bite? Just bite the apple when the frequency is slow, the sound is not coherent; electric juice press Apple also has the same sound, but the motor is too loud to cover the sound, so apple juice has a sound is normal. Apple's low density, shake up a little bit difficult, it is recommended to cut into the shake, the child will shake up more easily.

5. strawberry, banana, mango and so on why so little juice out of it?

Fruit is divided into two kinds: a high viscosity less water, we used to do fruit ice cream (for example: banana, mango, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, peaches, strawberries, durian, etc.); water and more fruit to fruit juice (such as: grapes, apples, pomegranates, oranges, pineapple, pineapple and other like),There are vegetables, corn, carrots, celery, ginger and other also juice. Of course, there are several both juice and do ice cream (for example: melon, pear, watermelon, etc.) also soft fruit can also mix hard fruit shake that juice, such as the kiwi to pear, it top out, a mix of good taste good nutrition.

6. why juice head will leak juice?

There are two reasons: one is the head of the juice is not screwed in place; two is not installed in the seal ring or the sealing ring is not installed in place.

7. Juice head and screw dislocation, can not be screwed down how to do?

Method is proposed: 80 degrees below the temperature open blisters 20 minutes or so try, or head of cloth with juice, take home something similar to the hammer and the juice head around gently knock. Then the barrel the assembled, then the machine fixed on the table, to find a man according to the instructions on the direction of force screw should can open the; if it is not, then the machine sent back to the factory to help you open (Note: can not be used to open blisters, lead to deformation).

8. why the machine can not fix it?

(1) we must first check table there is no water, or there is no slit (especially wooden table), problems in front of the investigation, then the sucker button to rotate 90 degrees is completely no problem. Special attention to the table do not shop there are other things, there can not be fine particles of foreign body. (2) if the first step no problem machine with in the hand, rotate 90 degrees at the bottom of the suction cup is significantly to close up box, no problem for a desktop and then try can be fixed;

9. pressed the screw after the carrot color wash is not clean how to do?;

After the extract of carrot or lemon, the screw rod will be coloring up, this is a normal phenomenon, do not worry. Fruit and other subsequent press, you can put the carrot residue color erase, if there is residual, can wipe with edible oil, can remove the color.

10. fruit juice machine how to make ice cream?

(1) fruit diced (milk can be poured into the ice lattice frozen), frozen [fruit diced into refrigerator for more than 12 hours (freezing temperature 18 degrees Celsius)]

(2) replace the head before making ice cream (export position display star shape);

(3) if the fruit is too hard if [delicious ice cream, please thaw at room temperature for 5-10 minutes]

11. the slag mouth why spray?

Because a significant difference between the head and the head of the ice cream juice, juice in a head with an elastic rubber ring slag hole, can not let the fruit residue easily blocked the export. Only by fully extrusion, when the pressure exceeds the limit of the elasticity of the rubber ring will spray out. The greater the pressure the juice can be reduced more quickly, slow speed juice, reduce stress, prevent spray.

12. rocker how to use?

Joystick need according to shun clockwise direction shake, do not pour shook, backwards wave will make fruit dregs and juice together to return to block the mouth the juice; but in a clockwise swing rocker down the right shake one to two turns can be)

13. how to make the screw extrusion rod more durable?

The screw is easy to be damaged in the hard pressed fruit will wear is normal. Long press hard fruit, will accelerate the wear and reduce the service life. (reminder: grape, hawthorn and need to remove the seeds and then squeeze hard, reduce wear)

14. Zhejiang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang fruit language Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., established in October 2013, its products have children juice machine, fast ice lolly machine, fruit ice cream machine, domestic cotton candy machine. Fruit language advocated "healthy snacks to do their own" life philosophy, is committed to children's health, happiness and delicious childhood, so that mothers are no longer worried about unhealthy snacks problem. Exquisite fashion, fun and colorful appearance design; simple, easy to use, wash good user experience let every fruit products are mothers recognized and children's favorite in the investment market, through they in micro blog and micro letter of continue to share, fruit language will eventually become children "play" the best playmates, and witness and accompanied by the growth of a child.

15. fruit juice machine is what material?

Consumers are most concerned about is the material is good, safe. Our fruit is dedicated SAN food grade infant language. With the German LFGB and EU ROHS certificate. The two certificate is currently the world's most authoritative food grade material testing and certification. Product export high-end countries must have the two certification. Fruit language pursuit of perfection began in the original, produced by any one of the products have more than two patents, fruit, please rest assured that you choose.

ABS for non-toxic, tasteless, powdery or granular, the general ABS heat distortion temperature of 93 degrees, heat up to 115 degrees, brittle temperature of -27 degrees, decomposition temperature of 270 degrees. Food grade ABS is a plastic material that can be directly contacted with the food.

Food grade AS styrene - acrylonitrile copolymer, not easy to stress cracking. The transparency is very high, the softening temperature and impact strength is higher than PS. AS - 80 degrees C hot water.

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